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Perfect Summer Attire

When wearing more than one top is unbearable because the summer heat, the buttoned up trend can spice up your summer attire. It’s not like one button or two will make any difference when the humanity or hot sun rays are on your way.

The relaxed fit grameen check shirt I’m wearing is by Tailor Vintage. It is 100% cotton yarn dye check fabric handmade by rural loom weavers in Bangladesh. You can find more styles by clicking here.

I also added a stylish hat to combat the summer rays and take this outfit to the next level. This leather fedora is from Colombia & it matches perfectly my oxford Aldo shoes.

Classic Fit Shirt with Fitted Shorts

Lately “The fitter the better” has became the norm. Men feel more confident than ever to wear tight clothes, this is why almost every brand carries slim fit clothes that enhance the men’s figure.

However, when is slim fit a little too much? It’s really a matter of preference, personally I think as much as I love fitted clothes, there are times I want a more generous cut that gives me comfortably.

in this look I decided to wear a traditional fit button down with much more fitted shorts because the contrast between the two gives my outfit balance and individuality.

Camouflage, Blue, Black & Grey

It’s my second time wearing camouflage with a blazer, this time with different colors. You can see the other look by clicking HERE.

Easy as matching the colors of the print, this outfit is especially perfect for Florida, where the heat is unbearable and cuffed pants & tank tops are part of the norm. 

I especially like how tank tops look with blazers, because just as deep-neck T-shirts, tank tops enhance your chest and the blazer adds the formality a gentleman always wants to transmit.



Supporting Colombia in World Cup Brazil 2014 with my Pug & sporting some Blue Calvin Klein Suede Oxfords 💛💛💙❤️ (

Supporting Colombia in World Cup Brazil 2014 with my Pug & sporting some Blue Calvin Klein Suede Oxfords 💛💛💙❤️ (

Spice up Your Summer Outfit With Some Printed Shorts

With warm weather almost anything is acceptable, but I’m not going to tell you to put anything crazy on. Instead, I’m going to show you how I spice up a simple “one tone outfit” (outfits containing different shades of the same color, my latest obsession!) only by adding one of a kind prints in the right places.

Look for prints that aren’t that common. If you want to innovate a little,  definitely skip the floral print and patterns because it’s what everyone is already wearing. For instance, I picked these Taylor Vintage shorts for their very unique print & the best is that they are reversible, so it’s like I got 2 in 1.

This look features different shades of pink with white Steve Madden ‘Reston’ Leather sandals at the bottom and a very light Jean Paul Gaultier panama hat at the top. Get the reversible shorts by clicking here and pair it with a polo like my pastel pink you can get by clicking here 




Cuffed Pants

I’m not getting any taller and the skinny pants trend isn’t anywhere. I figured the best way to add a little personality to my bottoms is to roll them up. 

How to cuff your pants? Whether you’re doing it to show your shoes or socks, if you over do it, it can look very wrong. The cuff should start at the top of each ankle and it should be 2-3 inches thick. This is my personal taste, but I assure you it will make you look neat at all times.

My most comfortable shoes are featured in this look too. TOMS Cordones have a very simple but beautiful design, perfect for almost any occasion. I decided to wear them with a corduroy blazer, and a buttoned up shirt to add neatness to my Bogota look.




Red Shorts and Suspenders

This is a relaxed and completely effortless look, not to mention it was very affordable (under $40!) not including the shoes (Hugo Boss Thannio). 

Everything I’m wearing is from H&M, I will put the links in the GET THE LOOK at the end of this post. 

Remember to tuck in your shirt/henley or whatever you have on when wearing suspenders.

GET THE LOOK (with links)

1. Red shorts from H&M

2. Dark grey henley from H&M

3. Hugo Boss Thannio 

4. Suspenders from H&M

Look Inspired in Bogota Street Style

Once again in Bogota, I wanted to showcase a little of what I see men are wearing in Colombia. Boots and sneakers are Colombian men top choices, so I decided to wear brown leather boots, which I matched with a wood Rosary necklace, these are still big here plus it gave my outfit I wanted with the white shirt.

I also wanted to wear my signature Colombian bag (Mochila) which I’m sure it’s not the first time you see it. These bags are hand made in woven wool, cotton or wool sisal with colors ranging from colorful earth colors such as brown, beige to grays and black. You’ll be shocked if I tell you that you will actually see more men wearing these bags than women do, only because women tend to go for more sophisticated trendy styles. 





Green & Dark Orange Men’s Look

I wore a green crew neck sweater, fitted dark orange chinos and to complete this statement outfit a new pair of shoes I fell in love with in Santa Monica Third Street Promenade’s Urban Outfitters.

Pairing bright colors looks naturally well; as the orangish Nevada desert and green plants contrast in the background of these pictures.

Click here to get my one of a kind Mosson Bricke wolves slipper.





The Classy Colorful Summer Look

I was visiting the hot San Diego, California. The heat was unbelievable, so I knew it was the perfect occasion to just mix hot weather basics with bright colors just so the outfit will be a little more fun.

Ralph Lauren Polo, fitted shorts and tan shoes & braided belt with a sweater wrapped over my shoulders had me looking very classy, but still cool enough not to die of overheating. 

Unplanned Spring Style

In my last trip I ran out of outfits, so i decided I would just stop in a local mall and get some basics. Of course I ended up in everyone’s favorite, H&M! I mean, what else is super cheap yet stylish? (only when you know how to pair basics).

Shop this look with links at the end of this post.


1. Fedora (Straw Hat) from H&M

2. Blue Cotton Shirt from H&M

3. Salvatore Ferragamo Belt from Nordstrom

4. 511’ Skinny Sand Jeans from Levi’s

Making My Running Shoes Fashionable

We were going to be out in the hot Nevada country (desert!), walking a lot and I was advised to wear the most comfortable shoes I’ve got. I decided to wear my running shoes (Nike Roshe Run) because they’re so amazing to run and I didn’t know what else could be better!

Ralph Lauren Polos are always my favorite family get-away clothes, so my white polo looked so well with my camouflage pants that I couldn’t resist.

If you love beautiful landscape views, go to Nevada’s Hoover Dam, the reddish mountains, blue skies and water will make your road trip so worth it.




Santa Monica (Beach Chic)

Santa Monica is one of my favorite cities and it’s the inspiration for this outfit. I’m wearing a Benetton cardigan with very small holes (a little bit see-through) & Sisley white pants. 

As usual I’m matching my gold accessories “never mix gold and silver!”. The blue boat shoes complete this summerish attire. It’s what you could wear for a nice walk by the bay or simply a sophisticated dinner during summer.



Beverly Hills (Pairing Basics)

If you are wearing basics and you want your outfit to stand out, invest in pieces that really matter such as shoes, accessories and anything that will make others believe that everything you’re wearing is top of the line.

For Instance this is an all H&M outfit featuring Hermes loafers and Michael Kors accessories.




The real gentleman's style guide, simple but never ordinary.